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William Hatfield
United States
Name - Motoko Inuma
NickNames - Oni Ryoushi Joutei(Demon Hunter God) Inuma

Normal Form
Type - Preistess/Sorcceress/Martial Arts Master
Gender - Female
Age - 16
Birth Date - May 8 1990
Eye Color  - Amethyst Purple Eyes
Hair Color - Mid Back Length unruly Black Hair
Height - 5,7" ft."
Weight - 130 lbs.

True Form
Type - Goddess/Sorcceress
Gender - Female
Age - 16
Birth Date - May 8 1990
Eye Color  - Golden Amber Slitted Eyes
Hair Color - Mid Back Length unruly  Black/White Hair
Height - 6,2" ft."
Weight - 145 lbs.

Father - Sorccer/Demi-God Kai Inuma  
Mother - Preitess Anzu Inuma
Sister - Shrine Maiden/ Demi-Goddess Rin Inuma
Grandfather - Martial Arts Master Ryu Inuma
Grandmother - Goddess/Sorcceress Maya Inuma
Great Grandfather - Sorccer Ryo Inuma
Great Granmother - Goddess Amatsuru Inuma
Familars - Brown and White Ferrets

Facial Tattoos -
Body Tattoos -

Work Clothes - White TankTop, Ripped Baggy Blue Jeans, Black Sandals, Sunhat, and Brown Work Gloves

Casual Clothes - Black TankTop, Camo Colored Baggy Cargo Pants, Black Shades, Black Fingerless Gloves, and Black Sandals

School Clothes - School Uniform and Black Sandals

Place Of Residence - Inuma Mansion/Shrine in Okinawa Japan

Abilities - Has unparallel aim and accuracy has never missed, Ki Master, Chakra Master, Martial Arts Master, and Goddess/Sorcceress powers
Weapons - Kuroshini, which is a massive black handgun
Education - Transfered to Yokai Gauken

Hobbies - Lazing about watching the clouds
Martial Arts - Kung Fu, Muyai Tai, Wu Shu, Karate, Akido, and Jujitsu
Occupation - Mercenary specializing in Supernatural Exterimanation
Traveling Companions - Her Brown and White Ferret Familar Rika

History of  -


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